Navigating the Auto Repair Industry: Insights from Mark Roberts a Successful Entrepreneur Pt.1

Mark Roberts (Schertz Auto Service)

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“As you grow, your expenses grow… And when you’re making money, you don’t think about it too much but then when you start seeing a rough time, you start thinking “Hey, we’re doing what?? We’re spending money on what??? We need to kill that!” I always think that’s healthy to go through that”
Mark Roberts, Local Talent podcast, (12:58)


Schertz Auto Service

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The auto repair and service industry has changed dramatically over the last few years which means that if you own an auto repair business, you’ve had to stay nimble and smart just to keep the business going. On this episode of the Local Talent podcast, host Jason hands the mic over to the owner of a successful local chain of auto repair shops, Mark Roberts, to find out the entrepreneurial decisions he made that have helped him to survive and thrive.

Local Talent: Local Business – Episode 30

Mark tracks his journey into launching his own business, which has several twists and
turns along the way. He explains how he kept the business afloat during the economic
crash in 2008 and 2009 and how he pivoted into mechanical services. Mark and Jason
chat about the best way to market your new local business and how online reviews can be a double-edged sword for small businesses.
This episode also has plenty of car chat, with Mark telling Jason what car he drives and what kind of repairs he offers at the shop. You’ll also hear Mark’s professional opinion on whether you need to extend your car’s warranty!
This episode is the first in a two-part special, and you won’t want to miss the second
part! Subscribe to the Local Talent podcast and YouTube channel to have the second
installment of the episode delivered straight to you.

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