About Local Talent

Texas Local Talent is a podcast network featuring discussions with people in the greater San Antonio area about everything local. Our podcast studio rental is available in Selma Texas, click here for more info.

Our interviews feature discussion with local leaders, entrepreneurs, health professionals and movers and shakers. Texas Local Talent is headquartered in Selma Texas and our shows are on all your favorite platforms. Please take some time to like, subscribe, rate, review, and share! For Podcast studio rental please call 210-383-3093

Local Business

Our flagship podcast Local Business hosted by our founder Jason Setzer features discussions with entrepreneurs about everything related to business. On Local Business you will hear stories about what it’s like to start a phone App, run an insurance firm, be a world champion pizza maker and a whole lot more…

Local Politics

Local Politics is a show about everything political related to the greater San Antonio region. Your host Kevin Hadas along with self-proclaimed “political novice” Jason Setzer discuss politics with local Mayors, Council Members, Judges, School Board Trustees, Political Party leaders, Political Action Committee folks and a whole lot more…

Local Health

Local Health is a show about items of interest related to Local Health. Whether it be tips and tricks to weight loss, listening to stories about what it’s like to be a doctor or hearing about flu outbreaks your host Sean Dittman will rip of the band aid and uncover the truth about issue related to Local Health.

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