Gabe Farias [EP019]

Gabe Farias

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“I think, you know, the fear was a barricade, yes. But even more so than that, not having an open conversation with my parents and saying, “I’m thinking of doing this” because I think they would have been supportive, I think they would say “Roll the dice, take a chance.” You know, my dad loves me, my parents love me, unconditionally. If you fail, we’re gonna come out and get you.”

Gabe Farias, Local Talent podcast, (38:15 – 38:35)


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Local Talent: The Entrepreneur’s Handbook Podcast – [EP019]

This episode of Local Talent features a multi-talented guest who’s an Executive Vice President of a popular medical practice, a sports reporter, and a stand-up comedian. Join your host Jason as he talks to Gabe Farias about getting into comedy, the Oscars slap, monopolies in business, and more.

Gabe tells Jason the story of how he got to where he is today and how he balances out his different interests. Together, they dive into the mechanics of stand-up comedy, from how to create a stand-up routine to what jokes you can and can’t tell today. Gabe explains how comedians monetize their art and talks about the stand-up scene in Texas today, where new talent is breaking through all the time.

Alongside the insights into business and the entrepreneurial mind, this episode has a lot of laughs. If you enjoyed it, subscribe to the Local Talent podcast to catch more episodes with Jason and his special guests.

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