Navigating the Auto Repair Industry: Insights from Mark Roberts a Successful Entrepreneur Pt.2

Mark Roberts (Schertz Auto Service)

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“I always say that people always see the fun stuff that I’m doing, the events or whatever, they don’t see the time that I’m up at midnight, looking at information, trying to come up with plans, or I can’t sleep, wake up at 2 in the morning, and I’ll tell myself that I’ll get up and go back to sleep later but
I don’t.”
Mark Roberts, Local Talent podcast, (8:48)


Schertz Auto Service

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The auto repair and service industry has changed dramatically over the last few years which means that if you own an auto repair business, you’ve had to stay nimble and smart just to keep the business going. On this episode of the Local Talent podcast, host Jason hands the mic over to the owner of a successful local chain of auto repair shops, Mark Roberts, to find out the entrepreneurial decisions he made that have helped him to survive and thrive.

Local Talent: Local Business – Episode 30-Part 2.

Welcome back to part two of this episode of Local Talent! Jason continues his
conversation with local auto repair expert and business owner Mark Roberts, covering his plans for the future of Total True Automotive, a complicated business rebrand, and how to leverage your professional relationships to help your business to grow.

Mark and Jason talk cars, with Mark telling Jason about his favorite car and why he decided to sell his Porsche. You’ll hear Mark explain the real reason why your auto repair shop guy might give you the “hard sell” and his tips on what you can do to reduce how much you spend on car repairs. Mark also makes predictions about the future of mechanics in an industry that’s slowly adapting to green energy.

Listen out for the great business advice in this episode, including how to structure your business and why your idea of success might change as your business grows and changes. Got a local business star that you want to hear from on the Local Talent podcast? Get in touch with Jason and let him know!

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