2023 Schertz Q&A Place 3 | PAUL MACALUSO and TYRONE TAYLOR

From Top Left to bottom right: Tiffany Gibson, Mike Armstrong, Danielle Craig, and Robert Marks.

Highlight Quote

“Schertz is a great city-because everyone is working together to make it great.”

[8:01]-Tyrone Taylor on what makes Schertz a great city.


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Place 3. Paul Macaluso and Tyrone Taylor are two of the most promising candidates for this position. Both of them bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table. To help voters make an informed decision, they both recently sat down for a virtual Q&A session, which was recorded and posted on Youtube.

Place 3 and its candidates.

Paul Macaluso and Tyrone Taylor are excellent candidates who have big plans for Schertz’s future. It is essential that voters take the time to watch the entire Youtube session and understand who they resonate with. At the end of the day, it is important to elect someone who has a clear vision for Schertz’s future and who is committed to serving the community. The Schertz elections are coming up soon, so remember to cast your vote for the candidate who you think will bring the most positive change for the city of Schertz!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Or you can watch the podcast here:

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