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Esthetics Is a Career You Can Grow Into

Being an esthetician isn’t a one-hit and you’re done. To get your license and qualifications Vickki explains that you need to go to beauty school.

“I’m wanting to learn more. Which I am taking more classes. I’m having more of a thirst to offer more services.” There’s a lot to being an esthetician beyond learning how to wax. You can pursue your interests to add other, varied services to your salon’s portfolio. Jason adds, an advantage of running your own business is that you can learn at your own pace. Your able to follow your own timeline. Not forced to fit the pace that your boss wants you to learn at. Vickki shares her own 10-year plan with Jason, which is to open up new locations, to launch a full-size medical spa, and to expand outside of Texas. Vickki is passionate about make-up. She’d like to open up her own cosmetic line one day.

You Can Make Good Money Working in Esthetics

Despite opening her business a week before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Texas. Vickki has managed to make good money from her esthetics salon. Discussing her business plan with Jason, she tells him she feels she does well. Her business doesn’t really have any other competition. That’s not to say that there aren’t other salons in the area.

As she tells Jason, “There are plenty of people in this area. There are plenty of people seeking help. The beauty industry is only rocketing. I don’t feel like there’s competition there’s enough people for all of us.

Vickki attracts her clients through a diverse marketing strategy, getting new people in through the door with Groupon deals, social media outreach, and networking. Her personality attracts the right kind of clientele that appreciate her and her skillset. If a client walks away, it’s no big deal. It just wasn’t meant to be. If they stay with her, Vickki knows the lifetime value of that customer and works hard to make sure they keep coming back for more.

There’s A Business Model to Suit Your Needs

If you’re nervous about going it alone, you don’t have to. Esthetics has a lot of different business models available and you can pick one that feels right for you. Currently, Vickki rents her salon space from another business owner. If you are just starting out, renting a chair in someone else’s salon is helpful. You get to learn the ropes and get your first few clients under your belt.

Esthetics Offers a High Level of Job Satisfaction

Vickki tells Jason that she loves her job as an esthetician. She’s motivated to do her best work every day. She really enjoys the process of pimple extraction. Vickki knows that her services mean a lot to her clients, beyond making them look good.

Sharing a moving story of doing a brow wax on a lady who started crying in the chair. The client confessed to Vickki that she suffered from severe depression. This appointment was the first time she’d been able to leave the house in three years. Having her brows waxed made her feel beautiful again. The relationships that Vickki builds with her clients make her job all the more meaningful.

If you now see working in esthetics a little differently or if you’re considering it as a career option, get in touch with Jason Setzer and the Local Talent team! You can send a message via the Local Talent Facebook page or leave a comment on the Local Talent YouTube channel.

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