Vice President of Green Valley SUD Board

Vice President of Green Valley SUD Board John Frias

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“Going forward, I think if the cities can work with the municipalities together and Schertz and Cibolo have a great relationship, I want to see Green Valley also a part of that relationship. [I want to make sure that everyone’s] on the same plan, everybody has the same agenda of what they want to accomplish on behalf of the ratepayers”.

John Frias, Local Politics podcast (44:42)


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Local Politics Episode 8: Interview with John Frias

            You might not feel the need to follow developments from the Green Valley Special Utilities District Board… until you open your water bill and see how much your rates have changed. On this episode of the Local Politics podcast, Jason and Kevin talk to John Frias from the Green Valley Water Board about what it means to serve on the board, what the heck the board does, and just what went down between him and Steve Quinn on Cibolo Council.

John tells Jason and Kevin about his military background and his work at a local logging company. He explains why he got interested in the Special Utilities District and talks about what’s changed since he was elected to the board in November. In a Local Politics first, Kevin talks a live call from Steve Quinn to get to the bottom of what happened on the Cibolo board and John gives his response. At the end of the episode, John talks about the massive expansion going on in the Cibolo and Green Valley area and what that means for local residents.

This episode of Local Politics tackles a different aspect of local administration, one that’s equally as important for residents and homeowners as city council elections. You can have your say on water issues and the Special Utilities District by commenting on our Facebook or YouTube page. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Local Politics podcast to hear more from your elected local officials!  

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