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The Mayor that fixed Cibolo

“When you have the same complaints coming from the same people over and over and over from different complaints, you have to raise your eyebrows and go, What are we doing here?”

-Stosh Boyle

Leadership is the ability to lead with purpose, conviction, and vision. It’s an inspirational process that inspires others from within themselves, mobilizing many to contribute their gifts towards making something extraordinary happen.

Stosh Boyle, the Cibolo mayor, is a man who goes through a lot of shit when trying to do good things for his community. He has been called names and even had some people try to blackmail him. But that did not stop him from doing what he thought was suitable for his City and its residents. Stosh Boyle knew that it would be difficult to win the City council elections, but he still decided to run anyway because he felt it was essential to have more representation on the council. He won against all odds because of the support from citizens who believed in what he stood for. His platform was simple: more transparency and accountability within government institutions so that no one would be able to get away with anything, especially if they were elected officials responsible towards their constituents’ interests.”

What’s it like to be a mayor?

“The last five years have been, you know, some great fond memories, but you know, that it’s never been what’s defined me and never will be what’s defined me it’s, it’s the people, the community, it’s being able to organize events and having 1000 kids participate.”

-Stosh Boyle

In the third episode of Local Politics, Stosh Boyle acknowledges he has had fond memories of being a Mayor. In traditional cities, mayors have historically been responsible for overseeing the City’s main departments, including the police, fire, education, housing, and transportation departments. The Mayor is also responsible for representing the City in various ways—exercising their right to vote on all bills sent to them by the city council and appointing members to various boards related to city operations.The Mayor also has a great deal of influence over how the City operates; they can get involved in many aspects of local government, including budgeting, hiring new staff members, and making decisions about which policies should be implemented within their jurisdiction.At the same time, there are four main options for a city’s local government structure: One-person mayor (or “strong mayor”), two-person Mayor (or “weak mayor”), council-manager form of government, and commission form of government. Some cities use a combination of several different models.

Stosh Boyle is a native of Northern Wisconsin. He moved into the area in 1981 and attended Samuel Clemens High School, where he met his wife Becki, the fourth generation of Cibolo, while his children are the fifth generation of Cibolo. Stosh Boyle is the Mayor of Cibolo, and in the interview, he goes ahead to mention some of the projects that are completed and also being undertaken in Cibolo.

The slowdown in High-density housing in Cibolo

Cibolo, Texas, is currently experiencing a slowdown in the construction of high-density housing. The nomenclature works like SF six is six houses per acre on down SF one, one house per acre, and so most of that they zoned SF six. And so they did away with SF five; it became SF one. Now down to four houses per acre is the highest density you can build in Cibolo. Stosh Boyle, Mayor of Cibolo, said they are passing a moratorium on new construction in an interview with Local talent. He said the moratorium would handcuff their builders into ensuring their developments were built correctly.

We’re passing a study for a moratorium. And what it’s going to do, it’s going to handcuff our builders into making sure that their developments are built correctly. And to our master plan.”

-Stosh Boyle

Uvalde Victims – What Needs To Be Done

 “The fault is all of us. Right? The fault is staring me in the face in the mirror.”

-Stosh Boyle

According to Stosh Boyle, there is a need to spend more time with the kids and address real issues. He says most of the time, people behave in reactionary ways instead of offering solutions.

Leadership means inspiring others to be their best. Through his actions, Mayor Boyle has demonstrated that he is standing for many of the important things to Cibolo residents, such as a focus on public transportation, affordable housing, and an open and transparent government. In this sense, he’s undoubtedly leading with purpose and conviction.

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