Serving up Fashion and Ice Cream at The Mill

Cassandra Kearns & Christine Bowden (The Mill & Mercantile)

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“If you’re thinking about wanting to open a business, talk to people. Ask questions. Most people that own a small business are more than willing to talk when we have time”

Cassandra Kearns, Local Business podcast, (40:45)


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Entrepreneurs and fashionistas, rejoice! There’s a store in Cibolo that combines two of the best things in life—fashion and ice cream! The Mill in Cibolo, Texas is bringing together the sweetest of treats with the trendiest of styles. Keep reading to find out how this unique store is serving up both fashion and ice cream in one delightful spot.

The Store with Two Faces

The Mill has two distinct sections—one for shopping and one for snacking—that make it a great destination for friends or family looking to do a little bit of both. On one side, shoppers can peruse through clothing, accessories, home decor items, candles, jewelry, and much more. Here you can find on-trend pieces from local designers as well as vintage finds from all over America.  It’s an eclectic mix that makes shopping at The Mill fun and exciting. 

On the other side of the store is where you can get your hands on some delicious ice cream treats. Choose from a variety of flavors like mint chocolate chip, dutch chocolate, strawberry, chocolate covered pretzel, buffalo trax, and so much more (be sure to ask them what’s in the back)! You can get your scoop served up in a cone or cup or even make your own custom concoction (yum!).

Dynamic Duo

The Mill is owned by sisters Kassie and Christine. An inspiring duo who have proved that hard work, dedication, and passion can make anything possible. Despite both working full-time jobs, these sisters decided to pursue their dream of opening a boutique to showcase Christine’s artwork. Covid forced the pair of entrepreneurs to pivot and restructure and they share with us how they not only survived, but thrived during covid. Their commitment to excellence shines through every aspect of their boutique, from its beautifully designed storefront to the personalized attention given to each customer. Kassie and Christine’s story is not only one of perseverance but also one of sisterhood – two women who supported each other’s dreams and made them a reality. 

In Closing

If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend or maybe just want to treat yourself (or someone else) to something nice, then look no further than The Mill in Cibolo! It’s definitely worth checking out if only just for the chance to try their amazing ice cream creations (trust me). After you watch the podcast, come join us at The Mill and enjoy some fashion as well as some frozen treats—you won’t regret it! See ya there!

Local Talent: Local Business – Episode 27

It takes a lot to start up a business… So how about two? All while being a parent and keeping a day job going? It would be impossible for one person to do all that, but fortunately two sisters banded together to do both. On this episode of the Local Business podcast, Jason talks to Cibolo locals Cassandra Kearns and Christine Bowden who run The Mill, a boutique clothing store, and The Scoop, an ice cream parlor. Listen to them get real about what it means to be a business owner.

The sisters tell Jason how they came up with the idea for The Mill and let him in on the behind-the-scenes management of the business. They share how they price their products, manage their time, and measure their success as business owners. You’ll also hear about their involvement with the Cibolo Small Business Alliance and what they do to unwind when they’re not at work. Listen out for their plans for the future of their business and what they hope to add to the downtown area of Cibolo!

This episode lifts the lid on two of the most popular businesses in the Cibolo area and shows the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. If you enjoyed it, you can support Cassandra, Christine, and the Local Business podcast by sharing this episode with a friend.

Listen to the show here:

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