Mayor of Schertz Ralph Gutierrez [EP004]

Mayor of Schertz Ralph Gutierrez

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“When I came into office, I had two goals. One of them was a penny, the other one was a smile. My goal was to reduce the tax rate by one penny, and it’s very difficult… but I managed to get it down by a quarter of a penny and this coming year, we’re actually going to lower it by about a penny and a half…. And the other goal was a smile. Customer service. I think a smile is contagious. And I always preach customer service, because… our residents are the customers to the staff.” 

(Mayor Ralph Gutierrez, Local Politics, 5:55 – 6:54) 


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Local Politics: Interview with the Mayor of Schertz, Ralph Gutierrez

What does it take to go from a city counselor to a mayor and to learn the ropes of running your city during a global pandemic? On this episode of Local Politics, Jason and Kevin interview Ralph Gutierrez, the Mayor of Schertz, and go deep on issues big and small in politics today. 

Mayor Ralph begins by walking Jason and Kevin through how he got involved in local politics and lets them behind the scenes on his first mayoral campaign. He answers questions from listeners about hot-button local issues like the delay in obtaining building permits and explains different aspects of local government, including how your property taxes are calculated. And because this is Local Politics you’re listening to, the episode also has plenty of laughs, insights, and the always popular Lightning Round!

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