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“Elections accentuate the true nature of somebody… If someone is thinking “I’m not really sure about them, I’m not really sure that they’ll run a clean campaign, that they’re a really good person”, that can come out in an election.” 

 Mayor Robb Erickson, Local Politics podcast (19:02)


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Local Politics Episode 6: Interview with Robb Erickson

“We’re gonna build a wall around Garden Ridge and have Schertz pay for it!”. That’s the rumor going around the Northeastern Partnership Towns at the moment, but is it true? On this episode of Local Politics, Jason and Kevin talk to Garden Ridge Mayor Robb Erickson about becoming mayor, being an Air Force pilot, and of course, that city wall. 

Robb details his background and his journey from local resident to city council to mayor, sprinkling in his political philosophy and his plans for the city. He explains why he loves elections despite the grind and what he’s learned about Garden Ridge since he became the mayor. He also talks about why he started the city’s popular First Friday tradition, where locals meet their elected officials over a drink.

You’ll hear Robb’s biggest political mistake, what happened to him in his military Poopy Suit and the real facts on voter turnout in the city. Listen out for the proposal to turn Garden Ridge into a Home Rule city which is going to be on your voting ballot this May.  

Should Garden Ridge become a Home Rule city? What should Mayor Erickson do to stop other cities’ noise and traffic from entering Garden Ridge? Tell us your thoughts by joining the podcast’s Facebook page. And if you enjoyed the episode, don’t forget to subscribe so that you can catch more interviews with your local politicians!

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