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“I’ve always had this philosophy in life that is “stand up or shut up.” If you don’t like it, then stand up and argue your point. Stand up, support your point. It comes to voting as well. If you don’t stand up and vote, then you just sit there quietly, don’t complain, do what you’re told, because you didn’t vote.”

Bear Goolsby, Local Politics podcast (2:10)


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Local Politics Episode 5:
Interview with Bear Goolsby

It’s nearly time to get out and vote on the 2022 bond proposal for the Judson Independent School District! As the campaign enters its final stages, hosts of the Local Politics podcast Jason and Kevin interview councilman Bear Goolsby who’s backing proposition A and B of the bond to the hilt. Listen in to find out what the propositions are and why you should care about them.

Bear gives Jason and Kevin the story about how he got involved in the local school board and why he wants to introduce the new bond, even though his kids will have already left the school system by the time it comes into effect. Bear breaks down what each of the propositions would mean for the local area and what the statistics say about the future of the district’s education budget. You’ll also hear about the proposed enhanced safety measure contained in the bond, which is a hot-button topic in the light of the recent school shooting in Uvalde.

What are your thoughts on the 2022 bond proposal? Are you voting for or against it this election? Share your thoughts and join the conversation over on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to follow developments in the election as they unfold.

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