Jayme and Liz Mathis [EP021]

Jayme and Liz Mathis

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“We wanted to change the scope of what Cibolo looks like. We wanted people to understand that you can have a nice restaurant, you can have a nice glass of wine in Cibolo. You do not have to go to Boerne, you don’t have to go to Fredericksburg. You don’t have to go to these other places. That was what we set out to accomplish. Does that mean that we’re done with Cibolo? No, we have multiple other properties that we’re going to continue to invest in and pour love and everything else into. Are we done with the restaurant business? Yes, we’re done. We accomplished the goal that we set out to accomplish.” 

(Jayme Mathis, Local Talent podcast, 50:43 – 51:20)


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Local Talent: The Entrepreneur’s Handbook Podcast – Episode 21

This week’s episode of the Local Talent podcast features a couple who took their dream and turned it into reality. A lot of people chat about their fantasy business venture all day without ever making it happen but Jayme and Liz Mathis wanted a wine bar in their town so badly that they got out there, bought and renovated an old house, hired staff, stocked the shelves and opened up to the public. 

During the interview, you’ll hear Jason quizzing Jayme and Liz about the hoops they jumped through to get the 1908 Wine and Ale Bar off the ground and how they kept it going during the tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic. This episode also contains a lot of business insights such as how to hire staff, what adjusting your prices for inflation actually looks like and what the biggest misconceptions are around owning and managing a restaurant. 
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