How an Employee Bought the Competitors Business

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“Our employees are what set us apart from the mindset of a lot of bigger competitors. A lot of our customers are not a number. Every one of our customers has built our business, so our employees know how to handle our customers”.

Billy Cooper, Local Business podcast, (28:50)


Are you an entrepreneur looking to buy the company you work for? With the right knowledge and preparation, buying a company from your boss can be a win-win situation.By transferring ownership in this way, there is endless opportunity for everyone involved and a chance to reap rewards. In this episode of Local Business, Billy Cooper explains how as an employee, he managed to buy a business and provide tips on making it a smooth transition. Let’s get started!

Living the dream

Everyone dreams of having a successful business, but for Billy Cooper, that dream become a reality. Billy Cooper purchased a competitor’s business and is now the proud owner of his own enterprise.

Help from the unexpected

Although starting a small business can be intimidating, Billy Cooper was ready for this challenge. Billy knew exactly which areas needed improvement in order for the business to thrive — from marketing strategies to customer service — and had an action plan in place from day one PLUS, Billy had help from the former owner of IAS.

Customer Service is top priority

Billy Cooper knew what it would take to create something special with their new venture. Overall by maintaining sound financial principles while also focusing on innovation and growth. He was able to make his mark on the industry. Billy provides exceptional products or services at reasonable prices.

Everyone’s Different

Overall when it comes to buying a competitor’s small business, no two journeys are identical nonetheless. Billy Cooper’s story shows us all that anything is possible. By having a clear vision and determination to make your dreams come true.

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