Healthy Living with Nurse Practitioner Sean Dittman EP:001

Local Health Show EP001-Sean Dittman

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“I always tell people, look at your plate. The size of your palm should be protein. If it’s larger than the size of your palm, it’s going to be excess calories, which is more than what your body can process at one time. So the 12 oz steak, 16, 20oz steak, you can just split that in fours and give it away. Half the plate should be vegetables and then maybe a palm or quarter of the plate should be grains.”

Sean Dittman, Local Health podcast (18:51)


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Local Health – Episode #1

Welcome to the first ever episode of Local Health! Today, hosts Jason and Kevin interview nurse practitioner Sean Dittman of Affinity Family Care, Texas. This conversation focuses on what you can do to have a healthy body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Sean gives his professional opinion on the most effective and safe way to lose weight, sharing his meal plan for a calorie deficit and how to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels. His tips include healthy portion sizes, his favorite snacks, and the ideal workout routine to change your body composition. 

At the end of the episode, the guys discuss taking prescription drugs for weight loss, debating whether they work, how much weight you can lose, and which drugs are coming onto the market right now. 
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