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“Here’s what the research says about money and salary: Money is a demotivator. Basically what that means is, if I think I’m being paid enough, or I think I’m being paid fairly, then money is neutral. But, if I don’t feel like I’m being paid enough, or I feel like people around me are being paid more, or I don’t think I can pay my bills, then money is a demotivator. I’m demotivated. So, money doesn’t actually motivate people.”

Carol Wheeler, Local Talent podcast, (31:06)


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Are you struggling to find the superpower inside of yourself that will truly propel your business to greater heights? Do you feel like something is holding you back from having the success and life that you desire? Look no further if that’s the case! I’d like to introduce you to Business Coach Carol Wheeler, PhD. W. She has held numerous university administration positions at Indiana University, Austin College, Oklahoma State University, and Texas A&M, she has helped countless business leaders unlock their unique super powers and reach their goals. Join us as we dive deep into how Carol can help transform your business journey with her insightful wisdom.

Superpowers Within

This episode of the Local Talent podcast focuses on the business of business, with Jason and Carol nerding out on what makes a business run. Special guest Carol Wheeler is a business and executive coach who helps teams to recognize their strengths and achieve their goals. She tells Jason about the sweet spot number for teams, how money might demotivate your employees, and the best business advice she ever received.  

Carol walks Jason through her elevator pitch and explains how she found the courage to switch from a steady career as a teacher to launching her own business. Additionally, she discusses her business coaching process and how her expectations played out once she started the business . If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll want to listen out for Carol’s advice on using LinkedIn to grow and market your business, and how to get out of being stuck in your zone of competence!

What did you think of Carol’s business advice? Would you hire a business coach? Get in touch with the Local Talent team and let us know what you think! Most Importantly don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss an episode.  

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