No Programming Required (My First App)

Kristy Wilson

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“Here’s the thing: I do a lot of things. Just a couple jobs, or careers. I tend to not do things that are going to be difficult for me, I do things that I already know I’m going to be successful at. I don’t do things that I could fail at. And I tend to not fail at anything that I do.”

Kristy Wilson, Local Talent podcast, (15:50)


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Senior Care to App Building

What does it take to launch and manage several businesses, across vastly different industries? Kristy Wilson is here on the podcast to tell you all about it. She’s the bold business owner of several assisted living facilities in Texas, and she’s launched an app for Jeep® lovers to promote the Jeep® lifestyle. She sits down with Jason to talk entrepreneurship, business goals, marketing, and more. 

A Day in the Life

Kristy and Jason start by walking through Kristy’s route to working in elderly care, and she gives some great insider tips on managing a successful care facility and explains how she pairs up potential residents with a facility that’s right for them. She also talks about what she does to support her employees and the families of her residents. 

How it got Started

Later in the episode, you’ll hear Kristy give the low-down on how she got the idea for her Jeep® app and brought it to market. She fires off the app features and gives Jason an exclusive on what she’s planning to do with the app in the future. 

If Kristy’s advice has inspired you to take the first steps in your entrepreneur journey, get in touch with the Local Talent podcast team and let them know! Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss an episode.

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