Do you need a Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor

Sean Dittman (Affinity Family Care Clinic)

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“Be present’ is the best advice I’ve ever received. Make a practice of being present. It’s a simple thing, it’s not very easy, especially today. Our attention span is 10 seconds on the Reel, TikTok, or whatever it is. So often we miss what’s going on. Especially in my job, I’ve got to be present with each patient encounter and it’s hard to do sometimes”. 

Sean Dittman, Local Business Podcast (29:49)


Affinity Family Care Clinic

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NP vs MD

If you’ve ever visited a doctor’s office, then you understand the complexities of health care. You may have wondered if seeing a nurse practitioner would be just as beneficial for diagnosing and treating your medical issues. While Doctors and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) both provide quality patient-centered care, there are various differences between these two roles that can make one more suitable than the other depending on your individual needs. In this episode of Local Business, Nurse Practitioner Sean Dittman, (owner of Affinity Family Care Clinic) will shed light on those distinctions to help you choose which provider is right for you.

Sean Dittman talks business

*This episode contains references to suicide*

When medicine is a business, what does it mean to take care of a patient? And how do you do it without sacrificing your own well-being and your bottom line? On this episode of the newly rebranded Local Business podcast, Jason talks to nurse practitioner Sean Dittman about his medical practice, Affinity Family Care, based in Cibolo. 

Sean tells Jason about the journey he went on from working for someone else to setting up his own practice. Sean gets honest about the mistakes he made early on in the business and says what he would do differently. He also shares insights into being a business owner and dealing with the risks that come with the entrepreneur life. 

Jason and Sean have an honest discussion about the state of healthcare in the U.S., examining both the patient and the practitioner’s point of view. You’ll learn the difference between a doctor and a nurse practitioner. Sean’s also shares his thoughts on the epidemic of child mental health issues. Listen out for Sean’s advice on staying healthy and taking care of yourself—and your family. 

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