DBA and Stand-Up Comedian Traci Mitchell TekTok [EP020]

DBA Traci Mitchell TekTok

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“I want to get girls these jobs so that I can make sure that we are in this industry. We are going to make sure that we’ve got our footprint. All of these people are making these tech decisions, and we are going to make some of those decisions too.”

Traci Mitchell, Local Talent podcast, (15:11)


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Local Talent: The Entrepreneur’s Handbook Podcast – Episode 20

This week’s guest on the Local Talent podcast has a mission: to get more women educated in tech and to help them to bag some of the high-paying roles in the IT industry. Traci Mitchell has a background in project management and when she was unexpectedly made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic, she set out by herself to do contract field work in IT and she’s loving it. In this episode, she tells Jason about how she got her start in IT, where she finds most of her work now, and what makes her a brilliant new talent in the world of San Antonio stand-up comedy. 

There’s plenty for budding entrepreneurs and fans of comedy here, as Jason and Traci get stuck into how Traci wins profitable IT contracts and how she markets herself as a stand-up comedian. You’ll also learn about the University of YouTube and hear Traci discuss the craziest contract job she ever did, plus her biggest ever tech fail. 

If Traci’s story has inspired you to think about working in tech or pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, let the Local Talent team know! You can reach out via Facebook or LinkedIn and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss an episode.

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