UC Councilman Phil Vaughan talks Pat Booker Pub Crawl, Golf and UC Politics

UC Councilman Phil Vaughan

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“I was very naive, I was kind of dumb. I thought that I would just throw a website out there, I’m going to say “Here’s my points” and people would either vote for me or not vote for me. Well, right away I made a key mistake. I was too specific and I said “Hey, let’s do some of these things” and people started picking away at me”. 

Phil Vaughan, Local Politics podcast (13:15)


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Join Local Councilman Phil Vaughan and our host, Kevin Hadas in an insightful discussion on small business funding, EDC initiatives and pressing political issues in Universal City. In this podcast episode, we dive into the challenges faced by local small businesses and the initiatives taken by the EDC to support them. Councilman Phil Vaughan shares his experience and knowledge of local politics and addresses some of the critical issues that impact the community. Tune in to get valuable insights and stay informed!

Local Politics Episode 10

There are new faces on Universal City Council, and one of them is a “No” man. Phil Vaughan is a chartered public accountant, a newly elected member of the Universal City Council, and he’s the special guest on this episode of the Local Politics podcast! He tells Kevin and Jason about what he’s learned since being voted onto the board and what his plans are for the future of Universal City. 

Phil tells Kevin and Jason about how he was motivated to join the board when he discovered that the board rarely dissented on major issues. He unpicks his election campaign and shares his perspective on the board from the vantage point of his accountancy background. 

The guys get into some nitty gritty discussions about Universal City Council’s latest decisions, including whether the golf course should still be run by local government and which businesses in the city center would benefit the most from tax cuts and government funding. Stay to the end of the episode to hear why Phil is against the Judson School District Bond and what his closing message is to his fellow council members. 

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