About Local Business Podcast

Our flagship podcast, Local Business hosted by our founder Jason Setzer features discussions with entrepreneurs about everything related to business. On this podcast you will hear from local entrepreneurs on how to do everything from hiring / firing employees, marketing, sales, and much more. For shows of different topics, click here.

Most recent episodes of Local Business

Finding your Business Super Powers

Highlight Quote “Here’s what the research says about money and salary: Money is a demotivator. Basically what that means is, if I think I’m being paid enough, or I think I’m being paid fairly, then money is neutral. But, if I don’t feel like I’m being paid enough, or I feel like people around me…

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No Programming Required (My First App)

Highlight Quote “Here’s the thing: I do a lot of things. Just a couple jobs, or careers. I tend to not do things that are going to be difficult for me, I do things that I already know I’m going to be successful at. I don’t do things that I could fail at. And I…

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